Anxiety Symptoms

There are different types of anxiety symptoms.


When we are suffering from anxiety, we also have strong physical symptoms. There are a lot of obvious physical symptoms which we are aware of, and have experienced, like an increased heart rate and a churning stomach, but there are also other physical symptoms which we may not realise are a result of anxiety.

Breathing & Chest Anxiety Symptoms Head Anxiety Symptoms Stomach Anxiety Symptoms  General symptoms 

Being short of breath

feeling like you are choking,

suffocating or being smothered,

finding it hard to breathe or hyperventilating.

Chest pain,


tightness or pressure,

a racing or pounding heart,

your heart beats too hard or too slowly.






unsteadiness or light-headedness,

feeling weak,

faint or ‘strange,’ a sore,

painful scalp,

frequent headaches or migraines,

stiff or sore head,neck, back or shoulders,

increased sensitivity to sound,

increased sensitivity to light,

distorted or blurred vision,

a lump in the throat or a ‘tight’ throat,

a dry mouth or an unusual taste/smell,

gagging or choking or difficulty swallowing,

clenching of the jaw or grinding of teeth.

Lack of appetite,

nausea, vomiting,

indigestion or heartburn,

butterflies or cramps,

constipation or diarrhoea.

Sleep - Difficulty getting to, or staying, asleep,

nightmares or jolting awake in a panicked state.

parts of or your entire body feel sore and/or achy,

feels like your body and muscles are bruised,

body temperature increase or decrease, cold chills, feeling cold, excessive sweating and burning or cold skin sensations,

muscle twitching, trembling, shaking or shivering,

muscle tension, stiffness,

weak or ‘jelly’ legs or arms,

craving sugar, sweets, chocolate,

hot flushes,

decreased libido,

frequent and/or sudden urge to urinate,

diarrhoea, constipation, irritable bowel,

increased infections,

hormone problems and being startled easily,

fatigue, lack of energy, tiredness, easily exhausted, chronic fatigue,

increased sensitivity to touch, numb, tingling, itchy or crawly sensations,

Emotional & Thoughts

When we are suffering with anxiety, we think a lot more.

Emotional Thoughts Fears

Nervous energy, feeling that you can’t relax,

restlessness, irritability, being ‘on edge,’

frequently feeling angry,

a lack of patience,

mood swings,

feeling emotionally flat or numb,

that your emotions feel ‘wrong,’ that everything is ‘scary’ or frightening,

feeling down in the dumps, feeling like things are unreal or dreamlike,

feel like crying for no apparent reason, not feeling like yourself,

feeling detached from loved ones,

apprehension, an impending sense of doom,

a constant feeling of being overwhelmed, feeling like you’re under pressure all the time,

being startled easily,

a heightened self awareness or self-consciousness,

an excess of energy,

hyperactivity or depression.

Worrying all the time,

difficulty in thinking,

frequent feeling of being overwhelmed or that there is just too much to handle and/or do,

repetitive thinking,

incessant ‘mind chatter,’

having difficulty remembering,

feeling afraid of everything, apprehension,

feeling you’re carrying the world on your shoulders,

obsession about sensations,

having difficulty in concentrating,

racing thoughts or having your mind jump from one thing to the next,

frightening thoughts,

unusual feelings and emotions,

feeling like you are falling,

feeling that you’re on the verge of snapping or will suddenly lose control,

concerns about looking foolish, being embarrassed/shown up in front of others or looking inadequate,

fears of criticism, disapproval or making a mistake,

apprehension or a sense of dread that something terrible is about to happen or anticipating the worst,


feeling detached from all or part of your body,

a feeling like you’ve done or experienced something before, feelings of an altered state of reality,

feeling ‘spaced out,’

a need to find nearest toilet before you can feel comfortable,

watching for signs of danger,

feeling like your mind’s gone blank and a heightened sense of what people think of you.

Fear of being trapped in a place with no exits,

a need to sit near exits,

fear of being in public,

speaking in public,

fears about irrational things, objects, or situations,

irrational fears of harming someone you love,

fears of losing control of reality,

fears of going crazy, mad, or ‘cracking up,’

fears of fainting or passing out,

fears of a serious undetected physical illness,

a heart attack or dying and fears of being alone, isolated or abandoned.