Anxiety Bridge
Therapies & Techniques

At the Anxiety Bridge, you will find a variety of great therapies and brilliant techniques which you can use to overcome anxiety.

  • Mindfulness
  • Cognitive therapy with CBT
  • Hypnotherapy
  • NLP
  • EFT
  • Nutrition with supplementation
  • Movement

Overcoming our anxiety is the main problem, but another problem, is knowing – which therapy or method is best and when to use them.

Here is a way of looking at the different therapies - think of it as a journey out of anxiety.

A mindful attitude Whenever you go on a journey, you have to walk. A mindful approach is like walking or running. You know that if you put the effort in, you will reach your goal. But it can be hard work and it can take time.
Cognitive therapy Cognitive therapy is like cycling. You will need a bicycle. For the best results, you will need a cognitive therapist. If you understand cognitive therapy principles you can use them to improve how you feel. Cognitive therapy takes effort, but you can achieve good results.
Hypnotherapy, NLP, EFT Hypnotherapy, (NLP and EFT) are like travelling in a car, train or even going on a plane. They can achieve amazing results very quickly without a lot of mental effort. However, you still need to make time to do them and to use them in an effective way.
Nutrition with supplements Nutrition is like driving a car. You need to put oil and water into your car and take care of it for it to run well. Nutrition with supplementation can produce great results and provide a calmer state of mind for all the other techniques to work.

An overview of the journey out of anxiety-

A mindful attitude is a very important part of the journey. Walking will always be moving forward.

Why not just use hypnotherapy, NLP and EFT if they produce amazing results.

If you are going by car, you still have to walk to get in the car. Cars break down, planes are delayed. You can miss your train.

Those techniques may not work immediately or when you expect, but they will work if you give them time.

Our aim is not only to promote the best methods but produce the best resources.