Therapies & Techniques

moveThis section is about movement.

Movement is much more than exercise.

When we think of exercise, we tend to think of fitness.

Movement is about motion and.......

Emotion is created by motion.

We can change how we feel by how we move our bodies, by changing...

  • Our posture.
  • Our breathing.
  • Our facial expressions.
These may seem like small movements but they can dramatically change how we feel.

Of course, any type of aerobic fitness (cycling, swimming, running or walking) can also improve how you feel but this is not for everyone.

At the Anxiety Bridge, we are interested in doing what works.

We believe that the easiest and most accessible form of exercise is walking.

There are few barriers to walking.

You can go for a walk any time, any place.

There is a great saying:

‘I have two doctors, my left leg and my right'.         M. Trevelyan

At the Anxiety Bridge, we believe that you can change that to...

‘I have two therapists, my left leg and my right.’

On your way back to feeling good, walking can be your greatest therapist, coach, mentor and friend.

We tend to have patterns of movement which become habit and create our emotional states.

If we change how we move, we also change how we feel for the better.