Therapies & Techniques

nlp1NLP stands for Neuro Linguistic Programming.

Unfortunately, it is a dreadful name.

Please don’t be put off because it really works.

Here is a way of understanding NLP:

  • Neuro  means what we think.
  • Linguistic  means what we  say.
  • Programming  means what we do.

NLP gives us a way to understand and change what we think, say and do.

It is an excellent therapy/set of tools for improving your life.

Here at the Anxiety Bridge, we will take away the jargon and explain NLP in a straightforward, simple way.

NLP has been greatly influenced by the great hypnotherapist, Milton Erickson.

Many of the NLP techniques are used by hypnotherapists.

For the most part, hypnotherapy is carried out in a deep state of relaxation, whereas many NLP exercises can be carried out without deep relaxation in an alert state.

This makes them particularly easy to carry out.