Therapies & Techniques

nutritionThere is a saying ‘You are what you eat’ but we think with regard to your emotions it is much better to say ‘You think what you eat.’

There are many supplements and different foods which have a relaxing effect on the body.

Food and supplements affect energy levels.

If you go training to get fit, you eat well and you will have more energy and recover more quickly after training.

Food and supplements can help you overcome anxiety. If you eat calming foods and supplements, it is easier it gives you a stronger base from which to achieve good results from the various therapies and self-help techniques.

We all know people who say that if they drink too much coffee it makes them restless and unable to relax.

It is also possible to take supplements which help us relax and concentrate.

At the Anxiety Bridge we want to keep it simple, not overload you with too many confusing choices.

We will give you the best researched options from foods and supplements.

Other benefits of good food and the right supplements are:

    • To help your body recover from the effects of anxiety
    • For good energy levels
    • To think more clearly
    • To enable you to sleep well