Land of Treasure

A sign stood at the end of the bridge. Carved boldly into the wood were the words ‘Land of Treasure’.

....But as the days passed, no treasure was found. Despite her initial disappointment, Daisy felt confident she could succeed and was determined to carry on.

One morning, whilst sitting on a log, she felt a deep, warm glow in her stomach. This intuitive sensation led her to whisper aloud.

“Over there, at the base of that tree, under a silhouette of a heart, deep in the ground.”

Driven by this inner knowing, she scurried over to the tree and started to dig. Pulling back the dirt and loose roots, Daisy discovered the opening of a hole. Excited, she reached in and pulled out a beautiful diamond......

..Gazing down at it, she noticed something inside. There, deep in the centre of the diamond, was her name, Daisy. Realisation brightened her eyes. This was her special treasure! She stared at the diamond, in awe of its beauty.

........“That bridge is called the ‘Inner treasure’ bridge,” Chi answered. “The reason that no one is there is because it is better to discover your inner treasure for yourself. All the bridges you have crossed have guided you to find your treasure.”

Chi tells them that this is the 'Inner Treasure Bridge. Daisy's inner treasure is peace and calm.
Daisy set her intention to find her inner treasure. She followed the lessons learned from the different bridges and kept going forward until she found it.
Just before she found her treasure she felt an inner knowing and calm.
This is important because so often we look outside of ourselves for peace and calm.
When we are able to to find peace and calm within, we know we can feel calm and we also then see it reflected much more often in the outside circumstances of our lives.