5 C’s

“Now about you two!” exclaimed Epic, “You two are a splendid couple! So modest you probably don’t even realise it. Then again, that’s part of your charm. Fine sensibilities! Yes, the best kind of creatures. I like to think of you as the 5 C’s!”
At their puzzled expressions he clarified, 'Caring, considerate, cautious, conscientious and creative.' In fact, I have just added another one. The 6 C’s: courageous. This journey is proof of that!”

When Epic refers to their....... Fine sensibilities!....he is really talking about them having sensitive temperaments.

He mentions the 5 C’s.... 'Caring, considerate, cautious, conscientious and creative.' Of course these are not all the traits of this temperament but anyone having these traits will certainly have a sensitive temperament.

It is really important that he adds...courageous...for the reason that so often those with sensitive temperament do not regard themselves as courageous. They think this because they often feel anxious and lack confidence. However they still take action despite these feelings.

Courage is not taking action when you already feel confident. Courage is going forward regardless of how you feel, especially if you feel anxious and lack confidence!

Epic is helping them to find the courage within, by giving them an insight into their temperament, as they continue on their journey.