Accept Yourself

Just as Chi was about to speak, Milo interrupted.
“Do you know how to polish these facets?” he asked, pointing out the duller faces of the diamond, “They won’t sparkle like the others.”

........“But it was not until a wise creature told me, ‘A gem cannot be polished without friction and a creature cannot be perfected without trials,’ that I truly understood.

Like the diamond, we each have many parts. Some strong, some not so strong. It is easier to accept our strengths, than our weaknesses. Yet sometimes our greatest fears become our greatest strengths when put under great challenges.

Like and accept all your parts even the ones you don't like. This bridge is the ‘Acceptance Bridge'.....

.....Remember if you accept yourself, you will always feel better.

Milo's first reaction on seeing the diamond is to concentrate on the dull facets rather than its beauty.
He focuses on what is wrong, just as he focuses on his own perceived weaknesses while ignoring his strengths.

Chi explains that -

It is important to accept all parts of ourselves, without judging them...

When we go through challenges our weaknesses can often become our greatest strengths....

When we accept ourselves, we always feel better.