When we fight against our anxiety thoughts and sensations, we focus even more on them and cause ourselves more suffering.

When we desperately wish these sensations and thoughts away, we compare where  we want to be with our present situation – this also causes us suffering.

So what can we do?

One attitude we can adopt is acceptance.

This does not mean passively accepting anxiety and not doing anything about it.

No, acceptance is being assertive and facing reality. It means...

just allowing the sensations and thoughts to be there without fighting them..

knowing that they will pass in time.

Feelings, sensations, thoughts are like the weather – they come and go

your brain has produced some anxiety...and that’s ok

Know that by accepting your present situation, it will pass more quickly.

Become aware of your thoughts without attaching to them.

Watch your thoughts pass by as if you were watching a film on a screen.

Have you ever battled to go to sleep and been unable to....but as soon as you have said ‘Ok, I’ll sleep when I’m ready’ the battling stops and you fall asleep.

Sometimes the harder you try the worse you feel....but when you accept, you allow your emotions and thoughts to be, and you feel better.

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