All or nothing thinking

All or nothing thinking is thinking in extremes.

It is either / or thinking.

It can apply to things, people, situations.

We put things in categories of opposites:

Things are either...……. amazing or awful.

Something is either...…. a total success or a complete failure.

Someone is either...…... all good or all bad.

Something is…………..always or never…….going to happen.

Here is an example of how we can make ourselves feel worse when we suffer from some anxiety.

'I hate this anxiety. My life is absolutely terrible'.

'I'm always going to be like this. I'll never get over this problem'.

Someone working on a project, makes a mistake and thinks

'The project is ruined. It will be a failure'.

Someone on a diet, eats some fatty foods, and thinks

'I've blown the diet. There is no point trying to lose weight.' So stops the diet.

This type of thinking can lead to perfectionism.
It can lead to rigid, inflexible and obsessive thinking.
It can cause our moods to go up and down.

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