'Some things are within your control and some things are not'.

We all try to control things even though we know it doesn't work.
This causes us a lot of stress.
By control we mean have the power to influence and change.

We are unable to control any of the following:
Everything that has already happened
Other people's opinion of us or reaction to us
What someone else does or thinks
The weather…….

So, how do we try and control things?

We try and control by.....

wanting things to be different
battling with our thoughts about things trying to make things what we want them to be.

How can we change?

The first step is realising that there is no point trying to control these things. It only causes us pain.

Next - we can only control...

what...we focus on

what...meaning we give to things

what we do.

There is something else which we can do which really helps with the things that we can't control and that is.....

Acceptance...….. but acceptance with a difference - click here