Daisy’s sensitive temperament

When we first meet Daisy she is scared and looking for safety.

Because she feels safe and trusts Milo she confides in him by telling him about her sensitive nature.

“As far back as I can remember I have always been bothered by things more than the others in my family. I felt myself deeply affected by the moods of others, overwhelmed by emotions..........''

She mentions her vivid imagination replaying her brothers kidnap.

“I found myself ............imagining all the possible things that might have happened. I realise now that I took on the belief that the world was a dangerous place and I became more cautious and timid than before.

Daisy has the beginnings of an awareness of her highly sensitive temperament. But because of the stress and anxiety she is suffering it feels like a burden.

After she crosses the Valley of Shadows her attitude changes towards her fears.

“I can’t believe how different everything looks. That terrible fear has gone. A couple of times I have felt the inclination to panic, but have thought ‘So what, it’s a trick, it will pass’.” Her eyes brightened, “My fear of the fear has gone. I feel calmer and clear-headed. In fact, I’m not always thinking and worrying anymore. Sometimes, time just passes as I’m absorbed in whatever we are doing. It is wonderful! I have not felt like this in ages.”

Now that she's no longer overcome by anxiety, Epic wants her to discover that her sensitive temperament is a blessing.

Epic nodded, “Daisy, you are a lovely creature with a most sensitive disposition and kind, caring nature. Your temperament is a gift, and when you learn how to flourish with your sensitivity, you will realize it is a gift. Sometimes you may find yourself becoming overloaded or over excited, but that’s okay.” He tapped the earth with his foot, “Stay grounded and centred. Trust your feelings and your intuition. Live from your heart, stand up for yourself and assert who you are. Above all, like who you are.”
Daisy thanked Epic and the he gently held her paw. In a reassuring manner he encouraged her to see herself as he did. For if she could see herself as he saw her, she would see what a wonderful creature she was. With such kind and earnest words, Daisy felt great warmth in her heart and a sparkle touched her shining eyes.

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