Do it no matter what

When Daisy crossed the Valley of Shadows she found her courage in her heart and middle.
But she also discovered an attitude, which is so important for overcoming anxiety.

Doc sensed her unease, but continued. “Just remember to cross the valley. It is not how you feel but what you do that matters”.

As they approached the bridge, the vole turned toward them. “This is what we call the ‘Do it however you feel bridge’. There’s no one for you to talk to at this bridge. It’s up to you.” He glanced over the arch of the bridge toward the other side, “I can tell you as many times as you like that if you go through the valley you’ll be alright, but ultimately it’s up to you. Now it’s time for me to leave. Good luck. You’ll be fine.”

Trudi spoke softly, but with conviction. “The shadows are just tricks. You see whatever you want in them. There is nothing to fear but fear itself. Trust me, trust yourself. Face your fears and they will disappear. Just ahead there’s a bridge. Cross it and go on. Do it no matter what and you will be fine.”

Although the anxiety symptoms are really unpleasant, they have no power to stop you unless you let them.

You don't have to to feel good or or be free of anxiety to move forward.

It is important to move forward regardless of how you feel.

Just keep going forward no matter what.

There are plenty of exercises you can use at anytime to change how you feel.

However if you take on this attitude you'll never be at the mercy of your anxiety symptoms in the moment.

When you commit to this attitude it will also make the overcome anxiety exercises more successful, more quickly.

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