Expectations cause us stress and anxiety.
When we have expectations we think that things in our lives 'should', 'have to', 'ought to', 'need to be' a certain way.
Expectations are totally unrealistic aims and targets, we set for ourselves. We aim too high for things, which are out of our control…..

Perfect health, ideal partner.

Or we often set something with so many rules that it makes it impossible to achieve it..

Total confidence, the ideal job.

We often set expectations because we are trying to compensate for not feeling good inside . We look outside of ourselves for something to make us feel good.
Unfortunately it is almost impossible to meet these expectations.
When we fail we become very frustrated and take it out on ourselves. This leaves us feeling even worse.
Instead of adjusting our targets to something we can achieve we often set different or even higher expectations.
We can become trapped in the cycle of expectations and failure and feeling bad.