Finding courage

Despite the possible danger, Daisy felt drawn to help rather than hide. She knew that if she didn’t help the small creature, it would not survive.................. Daisy gnawed through part of the netting. She severed two cords and the bird was free.

The way Daisy found the courage to free Trudi, the chiffchaff is really important . Daisy found the courage in her heart because of her desire to help another in need. It was a heart felt action.
She found her courage in her heart not in her head, which was full of fear and negativity.

“Thanks for the kindness and courage you have shown me. If you’re ever really scared, think of me and call my name. I will be there for you.”

Trudi reminds Daisy that the courage is always there are in our hearts. All we need to do is ask for it.

But there is more to finding courage than just in our hearts, which we discover when Daisy asks Trudi for help when she is crossing the Valley of Shadows.

As she reached the bottom of the valley, the panic broke upon her in crushing waves. She froze and put her head in her paws. She felt trapped, unable to conquer her fear. Then she remembered Trudi, the chiffchaff.

‘If you are ever afraid, I’ll be there for you.’

Daisy let out a wail, calling for help. Almost instantly, Trudi swooped down. The bird landed next to her. Unknown to Daisy and Milo, since her rescue, Trudi had never been far from these two companions, keeping an eye on them both. She knew the reputation of the Valley of Shadows and had been circling high above, keeping a sharp eye out.

Trudi spoke softly, but with conviction.

“I am here for you. I can see the whole valley from above. You’re safe, Daisy. Milo has passed safely through. The ground is the same as any other.” She cocked her little head at the shadows, “The shadows are just tricks. You see whatever you want in them. There is nothing to fear but fear itself. Trust me, trust yourself. Face your fears and they will disappear. Just ahead there’s a bridge. Cross it and go on. Do it no matter what and you will be fine.”

Daisy peered up at Trudi through her paws. The bird touched her wing to Daisy’s paw, chirped brightly and took to the skies.

From deep inside, Daisy felt a sudden surge of courage – courage and the desire and determination to go on. She decided in that instant to cross the bridge. Suddenly the shadows didn’t seem as scary, or the darkness so ominous. They were just bushes and weeds; her imagination had fooled her into thinking and believing the worst. Heartened by this realisation and her newfound courage, she sped up the path to the bridge. Excitement and elation chased back her fears. She crossed over and continued up the other side until she saw Milo waiting for her. He waved wildly, grinning. She rushed up to him, embraced him with her tiny paws and cheered ecstatically.

“I did it! I did it! I’m fine! I’m fine!”

Trudi guides Daisy to find courage…. from deep inside… This is from her gut, from her centre, the part of her, which knows that really she is safe, and that she is just being tricked by her thoughts.

This gut feeling is a power which we can draw on at anytime, which

gives us the courage to overcome our fears.

All we need to do is look within and ask for it.