Head to your Centre

Then Grandma Tilly’s words came back to them…

Your journey is on the other side of the wall. Look at the
base of the tree, under the heart.

They looked and there was the heart shape with a small opening in the bark beneath it. Examining further, they discovered that the hole descended deep into the ground. They stood there, passing glances between the wall and the opening. This was the start of their journey.

Grandma Tilly knew Milo and Daisy were spending too much time in their heads thinking and worrying. So she sent them on a journey to face and pass through their feelings..... become grounded...... and finally become centred in their middles, where they find peace and calm again.

The entrance below the heart leading into the ground is a symbol of the journey back to their centre.
When we are in our heads over thinking and worrying we are out of balance.

When we return to our centre the negative mental activity slows, calms down and we return to becoming grounded and balanced in our centre.

Are you spending too much time in your head, worrying?
A really good way to return to your centre is to become aware of your breathing.

A great tip -

Place your hand on your belly…..... become aware of your breathing…. .....gently notice your belly rising and lowering.
This is a great way to breathe from your diaphragm, become more relaxed and return to your centre.

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