Why is your breathing so important?

It is because when you’re stressed or suffering from anxiety, you breathe more quickly from higher up in your body, from your chest…

and when you breathe from your chest, you will have more activity and stressful thinking going on in your head.

but when you are relaxed, you breathe more slowly from your diaphragm, from your middle, your centre.

and when you breathe from your middle, you’ll be taking fewer breaths per minute, you’ll feel more relaxed….more centred, more grounded and much more clear-headed.

Breathing gives you control over your anxiety state and it also acts as a gauge and reminder because you can always check where you’re breathing from at any time.

Where you’re breathing from at this moment.

Notice your breathing.

Are you breathing from your chest or from lower down?

Often, just by becoming aware of your breathing, you may find yourself taking a deeper breath - which automatically starts to lower your breathing in your body to your diaphragm, and so helps you to relax.

A great tip -

Place your hand on your belly…..... become aware of your breathing…. .....gently notice your belly rising and lowering.
This is a great way to breathe from your diaphragm, become more relaxed and return to your centre.