What is?

There are a lot of myths surrounding hypnosis but it really is a very natural state.

The following are examples of hypnosis:

  • Daydreaming
  • Being absorbed in a film
  • Being absorbed in a book
  • Driving on a motorway - losing track of time
  • Totally absorbed while doing something

As you can see, hypnosis happens naturally.

What happens in hypnotherapy is that we use this state in a deep state of relaxation.

When we are very relaxed, it is easier for us to change our beliefs, thoughts, attitudes and feelings.

Hypnotherapy is creative daydreaming in a state of relaxation.

When we try and change how we think when we are consciously alert we find that we have lots of negative thoughts stopping us from overcoming our problems.

When we are very relaxed in hypnotherapy, we do not have the negative thoughts so we are in a much better state to make changes.

Important point

During hypnotherapy, you are in control, not the hypnotherapist or hypnotherapy audio.

The hypnotherapist or audio you are listening to is only a guide.

You are in control.

You only stay in a hypnosis state if it is beneficial.

We can come out of a hypnotic state very quickly.

Hypnotherapy is an incredibly effective therapy for overcoming anxiety.

The reasons are:

Hypnotherapy is carried out in a deep state of relaxation.

This state gives the anxiety sufferer an opportunity to experience relaxation again.

This relaxation state can be experienced every time you listen to an audio or sees a hypnotherapist.

In a very relaxed state it is much easier to change thoughts, beliefs and feelings and to sow seeds for future relaxation and confidence.

All you need to do is to give the time to listen to a hypnotherapy audio or hypnotherapist.

Hypnotherapy can work wonders or even miracles.