I Am or I Have ?

This is a really important idea, especially with regard to problems.

There is a huge difference between when we say

I am...…….and.........I have....

Let's look at an example and compare.

I am a worrier

I have times when I worry

I am a worrier suggests that you are like that all of the time because it is who you are as a person.

I have times when I worry is acknowledging that worry is a state which comes and goes. This is much more empowering.

I have gives you perspective. It enables you to see a problem as an emotional state, a habit or an unhealthy behaviour.

Be careful what label you give yourself, especially with regard to problems.

I have made a mistake is a behaviour that can be changed.

I am a failure is at the very core of who you are and do, and will affect everything that you do.

I am an anxiety sufferer suggests that your anxiety is permanent and will be difficult to change.

I have anxiety or I have anxiety sometimes, makes it much easier to overcome.

Whenever you say I am, always make it something empowering.

I am a lifelong learner

I am a nature lover

I am a problem solver

It is easier to change or let go of something that you have such as an emotional state, a habits or an unhealthy behaviour.

It is much more difficult to change something you are - I am a...….

Remember to say or think -

with regard to problems - I have a problem habit or unhealthy behaviour.

with regard to who you are - I am a ( positive ) person.

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