It’s Not Me

Here is a great tip:

We often suffer anxiety and then blame ourselves which makes us feel even worse.

This tip can stop this pattern.

When you feel anxiety think these words or just say to yourself -

It’s not me

It’s my anxiety..eeee

You are not responsible for causing your anxiety in the present moment. You are responsible for how you react and what you do in future

Take this one step further

Your brain is causing the anxiety because of a learned response, your amygdala is giving you the anxiety .... so you can say

It’s not me,

Its my amygdale....eeee


It’s not me,

It’s my brain....eeee


any saying which rhymes

It’s not me

It’s my panic...eee

The reason for highlighting the ending ..eee is that because it rhymes it is easier to think or say, so you can think it over and over like a mantra.

This is such a great way to separate yourself from your anxiety, stopping you from feeling worse and helping you overcome your anxiety anywhere, anytime.

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