King Cone’s advice

They were about to cross when suddenly King Cone swooped down and landed nearby. He addressed them in that regal manner he was known for.

“I see you are well. What have you learned from this incident?”

They were both taken aback by this, but Daisy managed to answer.

“I suppose, not to eat those berries again,” she replied rather sheepishly.

“Of course, but far more than that!” retorted King Cone. “Cast your mind back on the journey you have undertaken so far. On the barren lands, you ate little. How did you feel? Weak? Unable to concentrate?”

They nodded, never having considered this before. The bird flapped his wings, nodding his proud head.

“In the woods all those creatures were numbing themselves on rose syrup, unable to get better, choosing to stay trapped. First you had Doc’s herbs and now those berries!” King Crone ruffled his feathers adamantly,

“Food affects your mood. You think what you eat and you eat what you think....Now, I am off to catch some fish! Fish oil is great for the brain. Remember it is how you, yourself, alone are affected by what you eat that matters.... Listen to your body! Remember this bridge!”

When King Crone says... 'Food affects your mood '.. we instinctively understand this to be true from experience... we eat a cake and it changes how we feel.

He also mentions.....'Doc’s herbs....Fish oil.'..

He regards what you eat as more than than just food. It is herbal remedies... nutrients....supplements.

'You think what you eat'.........means everything you eat affects how you think and feel. Food can make you feel energetic or lethargic. It can affect your concentration levels.

But some of his other advice seems to be more cryptic.

'and you eat what you think....'

This means that how you think and feel also affects what you want to eat, e.g. being stressed leads to craving certain foods.

Also if you think a food is good or bad for you it will affect whether you choose to eat it and even how you feel if you do eat it.

King Crone's parting words are.....“Remember it is how you, yourself, alone are affected by what you eat that matters....Listen to your body!

These words are really important because there is so much conflicting information about what you should eat and take to heal yourself.

Instead, focus on yourself and eat what works for you. It is really important to listen to your own body and intuition. They are your best guide.