No Matter What

We hear the saying ‘just do it’. This is a fantastic attitude to have when you have anxiety.

It is the difference between living a full life or your life shrinking and becoming smaller and smaller.

So what does the saying mean with regard to anxiety.

It means..........Just do it in spite of how you feel.

It’s not how you feel that matters, it’s what you do that counts.

This is the key to overcoming anxiety.

Anxiety symptoms feel horrible so we stop doing things because of them.

But ‘just do it' anyway.  It does not matter how you feel. The anxiety sensations and thoughts are a trick anyway. They will pass. If you just do it, you will feel better afterwards anyway.

‘Just do it' changes how you feel. The good feelings come later. The same as someone on a diet. You have to overcome the food cravings before you lose weight and feel better later.

Do it no matter what.

When you are just doing it there is a part of you saying no, holding back and feeling timid.

Turn the no...... into 'just do it'...........

No matter what.

Make a total commitment and you will overcome anxiety.

If you commit totally, the con, the lie and the bluff of the anxious thoughts diminishes.

'Just do it' in spite of how you feel. 

Do it no matter what.  This is the path to feeling good.

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