Panic Attack Attitude

This is a great attitude for dealing with panic attacks.

Panic attacks are an extreme form of anxiety, which can strike without warning, making them very scary.

However, a simple change in attitude can take away their power altogether.

The fear of the next panic attack and accompanying suffering keeps the cycle going.

So instead of wanting to retreat and hide during a panic attack, change your attitude to it.

A ‘bring it on’ attitude.

‘Alright anxiety – do your worst

If you stand up to anxiety, just as if it is a bully or a conman, it will back down and go away.

It is the ultimate bluff.

Like the wizard in The Wizard of Oz, until he is shown for what he really is (just a little man pretending to be scary and powerful).

Anxiety is the same.

If you lose your fear of it, it has no power over you.

Panic attacks can be some of the most scary symptoms of anxiety, but also the simplest and quickest to overcome with the right attitude and tools.

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