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Severe anxiety state – best book.

Severe anxiety symptoms are those which have reached a point where they have taken over our lives. They interfere with, and stop us from leading, normal life, from working and being able to carry out everyday activities. They stop us from being in control of our life.

These symptoms are at the extreme end of anxiety, almost to the point where they feel like an anxiety breakdown, although breakdown isn’t the right word for anxiety because you’re still rational and still very aware of reality. It is difficult to find books which deal with these severe symptoms.

So what is the best anxiety book? There are many books on the market which deal with anxiety, but not necessarily the severely anxious state, so how can we choose the best anxiety book for overcoming severe anxiety?

There is one anxiety book which stands out above the others. For me this anxiety book has stood the test of time. I have viewed the book from the perspective of both a sufferer and a therapist working with sufferers of anxiety. I first discovered this anxiety book by chance, rather than by research.
After a period of severe anxiety and the desperation at being unable to find a way out of the problem, I decided to find an anxiety book. Looking back I realise how lucky I was to find this book.
It instantly gave me hope, an understanding of anxiety, a simple technique to follow and a way out of the problem. So what is this anxiety book? It is called ‘Self Help for your Nerves’ by Dr. Claire Weekes.

So what is it that makes this book so outstanding and effective? This is the type of anxiety book which you will find yourself wanting to read again and again. It takes away the isolation you feel in the severe anxiety state. This book has an integrity and authenticity which you can really sense when you read it. Even though there has been so much work carried out in this area since this book was written, it still has a unique perspective.

‘Self Help for Your Nerves’ is practical, easy to use and also provides an empathetic understanding of anxiety. Reading this anxiety book is like having a caring therapist/mentor by your side saying the very thing you need to hear. This book is written in a unique way so that there is always something you can learn by re-reading or just dipping in anywhere to look at again, gaining some pearls of wisdom. It gives a better explanation of the severe anxiety state than any other anxiety book.
It explains how easy it can be to suffer from severe anxiety. It gives a simple technique and programme to overcome anxiety. She also gives a wonderful explanation of the more advanced forms of nervous illness and that it can be overcome.

Many years later, having worked as a therapist, I have read and researched hundreds of books. Claire Weekes’ anxiety book has helped and inspired so many to overcome anxiety. My view has not changed. I still believe that the best anxiety book is ‘Self Help for your Nerves’ by Dr. Claire Weekes.

#Since this book was originally written, there are now other therapies which reflect these ideas, such as Cognitive Behaviour Therapy. The solutions to overcoming anxiety are now widespread and you can gain access to these ideas. Overcoming the severe anxiety state is often very hard work. It may feel like it is too difficult and that you cannot overcome it, but you definitely can. The book on its own gives you an understanding, but it can be a great help to speak to someone with professional expertise. Whilst getting help, a book like this can be your constant companion to recovery.

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