The Miracle Bridge

Epic continued “What is your greatest fear? Has anything happened, which, if you think about it, leaves you petrified?”

“That’s easy,” Milo began, “I used to swim by a weir. It had always been a special place. One day I foolishly ventured too close to an eddy. There was a huge swirl beneath me. A pike grabbed me in its jaws and took me down into the depths. I thought ‘This is the end’, but when the pike opened its mouth to swallow, I managed to dislodge myself and break free.” Milo’s eyes glazed with the memory and his body tensed. “I swam to the riverside undergrowth and climbed out. I have never been able to picture that day without an awful sense of panic and terrible fear.”

“Excellent, Milo!” remarked Epic. “Firstly, look up at the beautiful sunset. Now, think of a time when you knew there was an element of danger, but you felt confident and alert.”

Milo’s eyes brightened.

“Yes, I’ve felt like that on this journey when crossing some of these open fields.”

“Good,” encouraged Epic. “Are you ready to relax and remove your fear of the pike?”

“That would be great!”

“Keep looking at the sky and think of another time in the past when you were enjoying a sunset and feeling really calm and relaxed. Now, I don’t know whether you are going to go into relaxation as you become aware of your breathing or whether you are going to notice changes in your breathing as you go deeper.” Epic’s voice sounded gentle and faraway, “But don’t go all the way down into relaxation until you’re ready.”

Milo’s eyes drifted shut. Epic smiled, nodding his head.

“That’s right, close your eyes, feel those lovely feelings.”

Milo found himself sinking into a deep slumber, yet he was alert and aware of the pictures he began creating in his mind. Throughout this state, he knew what was happening. It felt as if he was watching himself escaping the pike. Epic asked him to play around with different images, changing between the pike and the field……..Then he felt himself drawn back to the present. He opened his eyes and found himself gazing at the sunset.“How do you feel?” asked Epic.“Lovely, calm and dreamy.” Milo replied. His voice sounded soft and mellow.“What about the pike?” Epic tested.Milo noticed that he could recall the memory without tension or fear.“That is amazing! My fear has gone! How did you do that?” he asked incredulously.“Not me, Milo. I just showed you how to use the power of your mind. You did it. It is always there available to you.”

Epic helps Milo overcome a phobia very quickly at the Miracle Bridge.

It is always possible to make huge emotional and mental changes in an instant, but it depends on the problem. A phobia, even though it feels absolutely dreadful, is a specific fear, so it is straightforward to overcome.

Other anxiety and emotional problems, can be more complicated with interwoven problems and so are more difficult to overcome. Nevertheless they can still often be changed very quickly.

The best attitude is - to set your intention and be willing to change, keep going forward in spite of obstacles and know that miracles can happen at anytime....

.......especially if you use the tools and techniques you will find at the Miracle Bridge.