The River

When they finally reached the far side of the wood, the two friends were greeted by a sight so beautiful that it filled their bursting hearts with wonder. A peaceful little river meandered its way through a flourishing yet serene countryside.

It was almost the same as Milo’s little river, back at Sandy Banks. Yet this one exceeded it and there was an air of peace about the place. They felt at long last that, after much travel and toil, they had finally come home.

The days ahead passed blissfully. One early afternoon, as Milo and Daisy reclined by the edge of the river – in a spot much like Sandy Banks – Milo turned to look at Daisy and caught sight of the diamond hanging around her neck.

There, etched deep into the middle of the diamond, he could see his name. Finally he understood; it truly was his treasure as well. After a pause, he turned his gaze to the middle of the river to watch the dappled sunlight shimmer and sparkle across the running water.

He realised in that moment that he had not been thinking – he wasn’t in his head. He had found his centre. Watching Daisy delight in the warmth and beauty of their new haven, he felt calm and confident. At last, they were both happy.