The trick in your head Bridge

When Daisy arrived at 'The trick in your head Bridge' she was in an extremely anxious state.
She was in the cycle of anxiety….. scary thoughts….. trigger the imagination….. which produces too much adrenaline….and then unpleasant symptoms…..which leads to more scary thoughts…. and the cycle continues.

Doc showed her the way out of anxiety with these words....

“My dear Daisy, I know you feel awful at this moment, but it will soon pass. You have been tricked by your thoughts. Through a combination of tiredness and fear you’ve been bluffed into producing too much adrenaline.” He nodded encouragingly, “It came upon you suddenly and now you’re scared that it will keep happening. It is a trick. Let it pass. Find the strength in your middle. Do not be bluffed by, and believe the thoughts in your head. You will be fine.”

Doc's comforting words give Daisy the key to overcoming anxiety.

Your thoughts can trick you into producing anxiety symptoms.

They feel like real fear, but they are not.

They are a trick, they are like a false alarm.

Understanding this principle is the first step to overcome anxiety.

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