Trust Bridge

The land gave way to a low gap and a river ran down below. A stone formation acted as a natural bridge.
“We will cross here,” Epic announced, “It is a bit awkward, but not a major problem. If you tumble, the river is deep and will break your fall quite safely.”

Without further instruction, he hopped onto the bridge and with majestic ease, crossed to the other side.
“Right!” he called over, “Who’s next?”
Milo hesitated, so Daisy confidently piped up.
“I’ll follow!”

There was an elegant deftness in her crossing. She nimbly reached the other side and turned to look at Milo.

Painfully aware of their gazes, he felt self-conscious, conscious that his hesitation had been noted. He wished he had gone before Daisy. His confidence had plummeted after he had failed to find the solution to Epic’s story. From across the bridge Epic cried out.
“Trust yourself! Have some faith! You’ll find it easy!”

Unfortunately Milo had lost his trust and belief in himself. His head had taken over, creating worries and imagined dangers, even though he was safe. As a result he tensed up, and tried to control every move forward while crossing the bridge.

But Milo assailed by thoughts,.......found himself clinging to the stone. Despite knowing he could cross, hesitancy and caution slowed his approach.............

All he can do in the moment is take a deep breath, look within in his body, in his heart and belly, to find the feeling that....

It will be ok.............Everything is fine.

If we lose self belief because of anxiety and worry, when in reality we are safe, we need to set our intention to find our trust, faith, inner knowing, or belief that...

Everything is fine really.

Then use the tools on this site, so that the return to self belief and confidence will be quick and easy.