You Are Not Your Brain

Surely we are our brains?

Surely our brains work in in our best interests?

No, this is not actually the case.

Jeffrey Schwartz in the book 'Brain Lock' scientifically proves that people suffering from OCD have increased energy use in the orbital cortex. The brain sends deceptive messages in the form of obsessive thoughts and urges.

These messages greatly influence OCD sufferers view of themselves and what they do.

It is sometimes easier to accept that our brains can send deceptive messages when it is a severe anxiety disorder such as OCD.

But our brains also send deceptive messages all the time when we are suffering from anxiety, stress, worry and other related problems.

'An imagined but not a real threat' - The brain sends deceptive messages in the form of anxiety. There is a great acronym F.E.A.R. False Evidence ( deceptive messages) Appearing Real.

Deceptive brain messages give us really uncomfortable physical and emotional sensations. Because they are so unpleasant, we want them to go away. So we develop unhealthy habits....

we avoid situations eg. New challenges, Speaking in front of a group

we procrastinate instead of doing things, which are important to us.

we eat and drink to relieve stress

we develop patterns of continual worry and self-criticism

Once we are aware that our brains can take over our thinking we are then able to take steps to change these unhealthy habits.